Student Programme


29th October 2019

08:00 – 08:30 hrsRegistration
Venue: Registration Counter, Center Core (TBC)
MORNING SESSION 108:30 – 10:00 hrsOpening Ceremony
Venue: Plenary Hall, Level 1, Block 9, Row T – Q (TBC)
10:00 – 10:30 hrsMorning Coffee Break
Venue: Grand Ballroom (Exhibition Hall)
MORNING SESSION 210:30 – 10:45 hrsStudent Briefing and Get Together
Venue: Room 307 – 309
10:45 – 11:15 hrsBuilding an Inclusive Future of Tech (Sandra Teh, Head, Employer Brand, Amazon Web Services APJC)
Venue: Room 307 – 309
11:15 – 12:00 hrsCareer Outlook in the Oil and Gas Industry – a Conversation (Faisal Bakar – Senior Manager, Sarawak Ventures Exploration, PETRONAS)
The significance of oil and gas industry continues with the growth of global energy demand. Sustaining the industry by preparing the future workforce with required talent, skillset and leadership quality will be lacking without the preparation of mental readiness . This session will be emphasizing on the massive opportunities and potential value creation the industry has to offer to its future workforce through the sharing of experience and future outlook from an industry’s insider. The participants will gain valuable insights of career outlook via interactive platform.
12:00 – 13:00 hrsLuncheon
Venue: Ballroom 1 – 3
AFTERNOON SESSION 113:00 – 15:15 hrsClimate Action through Geosciences Mini Challenge
The students will be given an introduction to the technology and science behind Carbon Storage and Sequestration.  They will learn about the various subsurface and surface challenges involved. The first stage of the challenge is to bid and win a block which comprises a subsurface structure and 2 drilled wells.  The team will have to use basic arithmetic to calculate the volume capacity of the different structures available and identify their preference to bid for.The second stage involves assessing how much CO2 they are able to inject into their structure.  They will have to balance their budget, so they don’t run out of money.  They will also be required to do some inventive thinking on potential technology they could apply to help them store the CO2.The third stage will require the team to put together one A4 summary sheet with a timeline of field development, the calculated total CO2 injected over 5 years and the total cost involved.Winning team stand a chance to win attractive prizes!Venue: Room 307 – 309
15:15 – 16:00 hrsNetworking with Industry Professionals
How exactly it feels like to work in the oil and gas industry? Are they any unspoken rules in the workplace? Shy or afraid to ask questions to your lecturers or even interviewers? Here’s the good news: Come and mingle with our friend industry representatives! Do not miss the chance to network and learn from the experienced industry professionals from Repsol and many more! Coffee break and refreshments are available.
Venue: Room 301
The most popular feature in EAGE student programme is back in town! Together with PETRONAS, the winning team stands a chance to attend EAGE Annual Conference 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherland. The questions are related mainly to geoscience will be presented to the teams in a modern-quiz style, with 20-30 seconds to select the correct answer. Students are expected to know and understand basic knowledge in other topic such as geophysics, petroleum engineering, petroleum geoscience and cross discipline as well. It is a fun and exciting game for students to compete with other students within the Asia region.
Venue: Room 307 – 309

30th October 2019

Students are encouraged to attend technical programme session on 30th October.
Before the closing ceremony starts, all student to collect your APGCE certificate of attendance and bid your farewell to other student participants for the last time. Best student nomination and Geo-Quiz winning team need to be present (mandatory) for briefing before going on-stage.Venue: Foyer room 307
17:30 – 18:25 hrsCLOSING & AWARD CEREMONY
The Student Excellence Award recognises outstanding undergraduate Geoscience students. The students will be judged on academic performance and leadership and extracurricular activities. Nominated student will receive a certificate of achievement and a token. An official announcement will be made to celebrate the success of the winning Geo-Quiz team. All students are invited to cheer for their friends and classmates.
Venue: Plenary Theatre (TBC)

Student Programme

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