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Oral Presentation Schedule
Tuesday, 29 October 2019
RoomPlenary TheatreMeeting Room 302 – 303Meting Room 304 – 305Plenary Hall
Session 1: South East Asia Geology and Petroleum Potential ISession 2: Advances in Seismic AcquisitionSession 3: Field Development I
1030 – 1100 hours15 – Tertiary Paleogeographic Evolution Of The Sunda Shelf: Implications For Exploration Play Development – R. Shoup<1>* | <1> Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC22 – Improved Marine Seismic Survey Flexibility And Reduced Environmental Impact Using Compact Sources – A. Long<1>*, M. Bastard<1>, E. Asgedom<1>, J.F. Wisløff<1>, M. Widmaier<1>, M. Farouki<1> | <1> PGS169 – M-70 Sand: Realizing The Group M Hidden Opportunity In Malay Basin – S.F. Md Rosly<1>*, M.S. Abdullah<1>, M.K.A. Mohd Bukhari<1>, N. Tazarudin<1>, H.A.B. M Nawawi<1>, N. Pendkar<1>, A.T.P. Panting<1>, J. Zhou<1>, J.A.P. Torres<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1100 – 1130 hours18 – Structural Framework And Hydrocarbon Plays In The Penyu Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia – M. Madon<1>, J. Jong<2>, F. Kessler<3>, N. M. Sharef<4>* | <1> Malaysian Continental Shelf Project, National Security Council; <2> JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd; <3> Goldbach Geoconsultants O&G and Lithium Exploration; <4> PETRONAS42 – Acquisition And De-Blending Of Apparition Streamer Data – S. Grion<1>*, L. Casasanta<1> | <1> Shearwater GeoServices92 – Value Of Core To Seismic Scale Data Early In The Appraisal Phase, Offshore Sarawak – J. Anthoa<1>* | <1> ConocoPhillips
1130 – 1200 hours160 – The Pre Oligocene New Play Concept Of Peninsular Malaysia Basin Within The Regional Geological Framework Of Southeast Asia – S.R. Iyer<1>, M.H. Damanhuri<1>*, A.A. Azman<1>, F. Ilias<1> | <1> PETRONAS165 – Acquisition And Processing Of Continuous Wavefields Data – A Case Study – T. Klüver<1>*, S. Hegna<1>, J. Lima<1>, M. Widmaier<1> | <1> PGS173 – Rapid Evaluation Of Reservoir Connectivity In A Multi-Stacked Sandstone Reservoir For Improve Oil Recovery Purposes – L. Hendraningrat<1>*, I. Hani Bt. A Salam<1>, N. Nadhira Bt. Idris<1>, M.H. B. Yakup<1>, M. Rinadi<1>, M.F. B. Sedaralit<1> | <1> PETRONAS
1200 – 1230 hours189 – Oligocene To Recent Structural Evolution Of North Sumatra Basin – M. Muchlis<1,2>*, C. Elders<1> | <1> Curtin University; <2> Universitas Syiah Kuala209 – Multi-Component Streamer Design; Current Status And The Way Forward – N. Goujon<1>*, S. Rentsch<1>, L. Combee<1>, F. Guizelin<1>, K.F. Ahmad<1> | <1> Shearwater GeoServices190 – Cluster Development Concept: New Approach For Malaysia Marginal Fields – S. Pernsantia<1>*, P. Siriyoot<1>, A. Suphawajruksakul<1>, S. Thanudamrong<1> | <1> PTTEP HKO
1330 – 1500 hoursPlenary Session: Fresh Ideas – Embrace The Future – Doing Things Differently To Unlock Oil And Gas Potential

Session Moderator: Keith Collins (Vestigo Petroleum Sdn Bhd)

Session 4: New Play ConceptsSession 5: Full Waveform Inversion ISession 6: Stratigraphic Technique and Tools
1530 – 1600 hours31 – Deep Water Hybrid Turbidite Contourite Systems Hydrocarbon Potential – K. Rodriguez<1>*, N. Hodgson<1> | <1> Spectrum Geo Ltd95 – Shallow-Water Offshore Sabah Malaysia Reprocessing With High-End Imaging Leading To Significant Imaging Uplift And Enhanced Reservoir Understanding – C. Wai Ling<2>, G.M. Jones<2>, N.A. Mohamad Radzi<1>*, M.A. Ismail<1>, L.W. Long<1>, S.F. Zohdi<1>, K.K. Pillai<2>, A. Sazykin<2>, A. Waluyo<2>, A. Muhamad<1>, M. Ghazali<1>, N. Isa<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; <2> WesternGeco23 – Record Of Sea-Level Changes On A Structurally Active Margin, Offshore Brunei, NW Borneo: Implications For Reservoir And Seal Distribution And Stratigraphic Trap Formation – E. Kosa<1>* | <1> Brunei Shell Petroleum
1600 – 1630 hours35 – Maturation Of A New Play Concept In The Pre Oligocene Stratigraphy To Rejuvenate Exploration In Peninsular Malaysia Basin – M.H. Damanhuri<1>*, A.A. Azman<1>, S.I. R Iyer<1>, F. Ilias<1> | <1> PETRONAS107 – Targeted Vs. Regional Model Building And Imaging – A Case Study From Offshore Sabah, Malaysia – D. Cavalin<1>*, Y.M. Wong<1>, A. Bromley<1>, M. Farouki<1>, K. Agbebi<1> | <1> Petroleum Geo-Services27 – Application Of 4D Wheeler Diagram For Consistent Stratigraphic Horizon Framework In Deep Water Sabah – H. Mohamed<1>*, M. Mohamed<1>, A. Che Hassan<1>, H.I. Darmawan<1>, A. Ngau<1>, N.Z.H. Redzual<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1630 – 1700 hours152 – Using Seismic Sculpting, Spectral Decom And RGB Blending To Identify Subtle Traps And DHI In East Malay Basin – J. Zhou<1>* | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd149 – Nearer, Denser, Longer: Variable Streamer Length High Density Towed Streamer Acquisition Tailored To Full Waveform Inversion And High-Resolution Imaging – M. Widmaier<1>*, S. Naumann<1>, G. Rønholt<1>, D. O’Dowd<1>, C. Roalkvam<1> | <1> PGS137 – An Integrated Forward Stratigraphic Modeling Study Of A Field In Central Luconia With Complex Internal Architecture, Facies And Karsts – M.H.H. Mohammad<1>*, D.A. Uli<2>, Z.Z. Tuan Harith<1>, A. Kumar<1>, A. Kolupaev<1>, S.F. Lim<1>, Y.F. Zainudain<1> | <1> Beicip-Franlab Asia; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1700 – 1730 hours186 – Pre-Salt Imaging Advancement And Capturing Uncertainty Over Resource Assessment – W.C. Low<1>*, M. Mohd Nor<1>, G. Coskun<1>, J. Ismail<1> | <1> PETRONAS174 – High-Resolution Full-Waveform Inversion For Structural Imaging In The Malay Basin – J.H. Tan <1>*, S. Zainal<1>, H. Mohamed<1>, P. Soo K<1>, C. Lam C<1>, S. Maitra<1>, R. Alai<2>, M. Zohdi S F B<2>, B. Danial R<2>, B. Roslan R<2>, A. Aziz S S B<2>, B. Ghazali M<2>, S. Dhanapal<2> | <1> CGG; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd178 – High-Resolution Biostratigraphy: Its Impact On Reservoir Modelling, A Case Study From The Malay Basin – S. Noon<1>*, S. Rahmad<2>, M.T. Nguyen<2>, S.L. Chan<1>, S. Mhd. Sabohi<1> | <1> Core Laboratories; <2> Repsol Oil and Gas Malaysia Ltd
Wednesday, 30 October 2019
Wednesday, 30 October 2019
RoomPlenary TheatreMeeting Room 302 – 303Meting Room 304 – 305Conference Hall 2
0830 – 1000 hoursPlenary Session: New Frontiers: Exploring Frontier Basins And Rejuvenating Old Ones – Successful Exploration With New Technology And Innovation

Session Moderator: Pieter Van Mastrigt (PETRONAS)

Session 7: South East Asia Geology and Petroleum Potential IISession 8: Quantitative InterpretationSession 9: Fresh Ideas
1015 – 1045 hours117 – Modern Seismic Data Reveals Potential For A Deeper Play In North Madura, East Java, Indonesia – M. Farouki<1>*, A. Bromley<1>, D. Cavalin<1> | <1> PGS46 – Case Study: Value Of Simultaneous Inversion In A Heavily Faulted Mature Field Of Lower Coastal Plain Setting, Offshore Sarawak – A.L. Yahya<1>*, C.K. Tan<2>, B. Bakhtiar<2>, A.K.L. Ng<2>, A. Rahmat<2>, S.S. El-Kurdy<3>, R. Doshi<4>, N. Vargas<4>, O. Colnard<4> | <1> DIALOG; <2> Roc Oil; <3> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; <4> CGG133 – Improving Basement Depth Mapping Using Joint 3D Inversion Of MT Phase And Amplitude – A. Karpiah<1>*, M. Meju<1>, R. Miller<1>, R. Musafarudin<1> | <1> PETRONAS
1045 – 1115 hours119 – Reassessment Of Sand Fairway For Distal Toe Thrust Play In Deepwater Sabah – M.E. Ab Rahman<1>*, N.Z.H. Redzual<1>, H. Mohamed<1>, H.I. Darmawan<1>, A. Ngau<1>, F. Mohd Zaffa<1>, K.A. M Kamil<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd93 – Reservoir Connectivity Analysis By Integrating Probabilistic Distribution Of Fluids And Facies With Stochastic Inversion – S. Rajput<1>, M.A. B Abd Mutalib<2>*, R. Pathak<2>, R. Adawiyah Bt M Ghozali<2>, A. B Khalid<2>, N. Nathesan<1>, Y. Sam<1> | <1> Baker Hughes, a GE Company; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd166 – Rock Physics At-Scale, Enabled By Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning – A. Mannini<2>*, N.M. Hernandez<1>, F. Baillard<1> | <1> Iraya Energies; <2> PETRONAS
1115 – 1145 hours120 – Identification Of A Back Bulge Basin In The Northwestern Part Of Barito Basin (Borneo, Indonesia) – S.S.M. Singh<1>*, L.S. Binel<1>, M.N. Juliansyah<2>, F.H. Darmawan<1>, M.L. Lee<3>, X. Legrand<3> | <1> PETRONAS; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Muriah Ltd; <3> PETRONAS Exploration105 – A Qualitative Approach For Thin Bed Reservoir Interpretation, A Case Study In An Ultra Deepwater Field, Sabah – M. Muhammad Ferdaos<1>*, A.B. Hairul Hafez<1>, A.H. Nuril Anwar Ahba<1>, S. M Iqbal<1>, L. Kien Kok<1> | <1> PETRONAS210 – The Digital Geoscience Revolution – Where Are We Now? – S.J. Buckley<1>*, N. Naumann<1>, K. Ringdal<1>, B. Tong<1>, J. Vanbiervliet<1>, M. Chmielewska<2>, G. Maxwell<2>, J.A. Howell<2> | <1> NORCE Norwegian Research Centre; <2> University of Aberdeen
1145 – 1215 hours154 – Evolution Of Late Quaternary Sarawak Shelf: A Seismic Geomorphologic Approach – S. Nayak<1>, N. Pendkar<1>, S.F. Jabbar<1>*, A.J. Che Johari<1> | <1> PETRONAS123 – Application Of Integrated And Iterative Seismic Petrophysics And Rock Physics Modeling: Case Study Of “L” Field – A. Ab Fatah<1>*, T.M.S. Tengku Hassan<1>, R.P.A. Bekti<2>, C.S. Lee<2> | <1> PETRONAS; <2> CGG56 – New Ideas To Unlock Sri Lanka Frontier Offshore Basins – C. Tu<1>*, M. Francis<1> | <1> Schlumberger-WesternGeco
Session 10: Technology Transformation in GeoscienceSession 11: Modeling Sedimentary SystemSession 12: Advanced Imaging
1315 – 1345 hours62 – Digital Analog Intelligence Helps Mitigate E&P Risk – S. Sun<1>, J. Faroppa<1>, S. Wu<1>, B. Zheng<1>* | <1> C&C Reservoirs16 – Reservoir Evaluation: Vandji Formation Of Berriasian-Valanginianage In Lower Congo Basin – N. Tukimin<1>* | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd79 – Application Of Iterative Least Squares Migration In Different Geological Settings – Ø. Korsmo<1>, S. Arasanipalai<1>, Z. Greplowski<1>, M. Farouki<1>* | <1> PGS
1345 – 1415 hours94 – Enhancing Deepwater Hydrocarbon Seeps Hunting By Integration Of Seismic, Multibeam Echo Sounding, And Geochemistry Surveys – M. Mustaza<1>*, S.K. Tham<1>, K. Norhasliza<1>, K. Ruszaidi<1>, R. M Helmi<1> | <1> PETRONAS127 – Understanding Carbonate Presence In Cycle I Offshore Sarawak Through FSM And Outcrops Analogue – J. Margotta<1>*, M.H.H. Mohammad<1>, G.S. Primadani<1>, M.S.F. Abdul Razak<1>, A. Kumar<1>, Z. Zahir<1> | <1> Beicip-Franlab Asia69 – Sparse CL-SRME Using Impulse Response And Source Wavelet: Method And Applications – H. Hashim<1>*, A.R. Arshad<1>, A.H. Abdul Latiff<1> | <1> Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
1415 – 1445 hours126 – Application Of Machine Learning For Porosity Prediction Using 3D Seismic Data – J. Malik<1>* | <1> CGG Services129 – Relationship Between Karst Development, Collapse Sinkholes, & Fault Trends To Develop The First Central Luconia’s Carbonate Karst Island Model – S.F. Lim<1>*, S.C. Kurniawan<2>, M.H.H. Mohammad<1>, Z. Mohammad<1>, Z.Z. Tuan Harith<1>, J. Margotta<1>, N.A. Ahmad<2>, A.M. A Dou Ali<2>, R. Abu Mansur<2>, A.H. Faisal<2> | <1> Beicip-Franlab Asia; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd177 – Least Squares Q Pre-Stack Depth Migration: A Leap Forward In Seismic Imaging Of Complex Subsurface Structures – L. Do H<1>*, C. Lam C<1>, L. Ghazali M<1>, S. Maitra<1>, A. Bisset<2>, L. Alfred S<2>, M. Masato<3> | <1> CGG; <2> Murphy Oil Corporation; <3> Mitsui Oil Exploration Co.,Ltd
1445 – 1515 hours167 – Why People Matter In A Successful Digitalisation Strategy – E. Andersen<2>*, A. Mannini<2>, N.M. Hernandez<1>, F. Baillard<1> | <1> Iraya Energies; <2> PETRONAS184 – Central Luconia Carbonate Reservoir Sweet Spot Identification Of Lang Lebah-1 (RDL2) – D. Ittharat<1>*, P. Thamniyom<1>, A. Suphawajruksakul<1>, S. Thanudamrong<1>, M. Lekkhian<1>, A. Amir Jamalullail<2>, O. Swee Keong<2>, Z. Anas<3>, S. Kampit<3> | <1> PTTEP HKO; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; <3> KUFPEC185 – Overcoming Challenges Of Converted Wave Imaging In The Presence Of Strongly Anisotropic, Heterogeneous Media – F. Basir F<1>*, S. Maitra<1>, G. Wang<1>, S. Zainal<1>, L. Ghazali M<1>, R. Ghazali A<2> | <1> CGG; <2> PETRONAS
Session 14: Structural Geology and Impact on Petroleum SystemsSession 15: Full Waveform Inversion IISession 13: Field Development II
1530 – 1600 hours114 – Detecting Sills As Kinematic Indicators Based On Spectral Decomposition – Inferring Stress Regime In The Malay Basin (Fractured Basement Reservoir) – A.A.S. Shamsuddin<1>*, S. Shahar<2>, D.P. Ghosh<1> | <1> Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd50 – Broadband Multi-Survey FWI Impacts Accelerated Carbonate Drilling Campaign – T.C. Hor<1>*, L.H. Khaw<1> | <1> Sarawak Shell Bhd90 – Maximizing Secondary Oil Recovery And Improving Returns By Optimum Well Placement In Mature Fields – S. Rajput<1>, A. Khalil<2>, N. Bt Mat Khair<2>*, Y. Sam<1>, A. Roy<2>, A. B. Khalid<2> | <1> Baker Hughes, a GE Company; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1600 – 1630 hours125 – Basement Controlled Structuration In West African Salt Basins – J. Shah<1>*, I. Ismail<1>, G. Aird<1>, K.H. Leong<1>, S. Mustafa<1>, F.P. Ferrer<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd86 – Imaging Through Complex Shallow Gas With Full-Waveform Inversion To Enhance The Data Interpretability Of The Deeper Targets In The Taranaki Basin, New Zealand – Y. Gong<1>*, D. Fell<1>, R. Hunn<1>, R. Bisley<1>, A. Karvelas<1>, B.J. Lim<1> | <1> Schlumberger140 – Karst Geobody Extraction Through The Combination Of Karst Characterisation Workflow And Principal Component Analysis (PCA) In Carbonate Fields Of Central Luconia Province, Sarawak – S.F. Lim<1>*, D.A. Uli<2>, A. Kumar<1>, M.H.H. Mohammad<1>, Z. Mohammad<1>, Z.Z. Tuan Harith<1>, A. Kolupaev<1>, Y.F. Zainudain<1> | <1> Beicip-Franlab Asia; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1630 – 1700 hours145 – New Insights On Basement Interpretation Of Northeastern Bay Of Bengal: Implication To The Cretaceous Petroleum System – H. Wahab<1>*, F.H. Darmawan<1>, F.N. M Khatib<1> | <1> PETRONAS124 – Re-Imaging Banda Arc Using Full-Waveform Inversion And Broadband Imaging – K.P. Soo<1>*, J. M Zamri<1>, K.K. Wong<1>, B.Y. Ong<1> | <1> CGG141 – Salam-2: Successful Appraisal From Thoughtful Framing – M.F. Mohd Fuad<1>*, I. Sunhaji<1> | <1> ConocoPhillips Malaysia
1700 – 1730 hours203 – Borneo Alternative Model – Borneo Indention (Part 1 Sabah) – R. Hakim<1>*, A.B. Azli<1> | <1> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd213 – Improving Old Seismic Using Full Wavefield Inversion And Broadband Processing: Imaging Complex Structures Under Shallow Gas – G. Chen<1>*, V. Gudipati<1>, S. Jaynes<1>, T. Jenkinson<1>, S. Lee<1>, J. Reilly<1>, S. Lazaratos<1>, R. Neelamani<1>, A. Martinez<1>, A. Zulfitri<1>, F. Onn<1>, C. Shaw<1>, A.R. Ghazali<2>, A.A. A. Khalil<2>, N.H. Nghi<3> | <1> ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc.; <2> PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; <3> PETRONAS211 – G-Field – A New Way For IWRS In Brown Fields: Redrills – F.J. Heng<1>*, A.F. Mohamed Isa<1>, C. Chew<1>, C.Y. Chiu<1>, S. Hamzah<1> | <1> ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc

Oral Session

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