Alison Sheppard

Head,Exploration Research
Wood Mackenzie

Alison joined Wood Mackenzie in 1999, and has been integral to the development of Exploration research and analysis within the company. Alison is currently leading the Exploration Research group, which provides analysis of exploration economics, strategies and industry trends and is particularly focused on forward-looking analysis and Yet-to-Find evaluation.

She has presented on exploration trends and strategy topics to a wide range of audiences and has also contributed to a number of consulting projects, primarily looking at exploration strategy and opportunity screening.

Alison previously worked in Wood Mackenzie’s Latin American and European upstream research teams, providing detailed field level economic analysis, and undertaking a range of market analysis and regional strategy projects.

She started her career in 1997, working in Schlumberger where she was responsible for supporting GeoQuest’s geological mapping software. Alison graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Geology
in 1996.

Participating Session:

Plenary Session: New Frontiers:

Exploring Frontier Basins and Rejuvenating Old Ones - Successful Exploration with New Technology and Innovation

Alison Sheppard

Date: 25 – 28 OCTOBER 2019


4-days pre-conference fieldtrip that provides the setting of modern reef systems of Pulau
Seribu. This fieldtrip will provide details of the sedimentology and components of carbonate
Sediment and reef building organisms specific to Kepulauan Seribu, which is typical reefs of the region.

Good understanding on depositional environment and facies variation in carbonate rock is an important aspect of the study. Carbonate reservoir’s properties are the direct results of their depositional fabric and diagenesis process. Hence, the proposed fieldworks aims to provide an opportunity for participants to enhance knowledge on carbonate depositional environments, sedimentary facies and related secondary processes that controlled and characterised the carbonate reservoir’s properties.


Kepulauan Seribu is a cluster of about 128 small islands in the Bay of Jakarta in the Java Sea.
Participants will be based at Pulau Putri Resort throughout the stay at Kepulauan Seribu. It is located approximately 45 km north of Jakarta and can be reached in one hour and a half by speed boat.

Study of carbonates in Kepulauan Seribu offers the opportunity to observe and investigate modern carbonate sediments, reef building processes and evolution, facies distribution, build-up geometries and early diagenetic processes. Carbonates in this area exhibit characteristics that can be associated with global trends for Oligocene – Miocene rocks and provide useful analogues for carbonate fields in Central Luconia region.

Othman Ali bin Mahmud Head,
Stratigraphy & Sedimentology Department, EGRS, PETRONAS


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