Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (APGCE) is Asia’s premier Geoscience event dedicated to the studies and practices of the geoscience’s fraternity.

APGCE is well-attended by business leaders, technical gurus and industry experts to explore new plays and prospects especially in South-East Asia – in the continuous quest for advancement and innovation.


Fresh Ideas, New Frontiers

As the world’s oil & gas industry undergoes profound changes, pushing the limits of technology, strategy and commercial models and paradigms to meet global energy demand is paramount. Innovation is indispensable to propel the industry forward.

The position of geosciences at the forefront of this industry provides the capacity to explore not only new ideas but to also offer a fresh look at existing solutions to discover new frontiers within the upstream sector. From reviving maturing basins to exploring uncharted territories, expanding our frontiers inevitably exacerbates risks and uncertainties.

The industry’s best practices combined with the efficiencies offered by the  rapidly evolving digital generation are required to spearhead an Exploration & Production transformation at all levels.

“Fresh Ideas” are expected to unlock oil and gas potential that was not considered possible. “New Frontiers” will be the manifesto of such potential. APGCE 2019 invites all participants to subscribe to innovative ideas in a bid to spearhead the development of Geoscience innovation in the oil & gas industry.


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